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Remotely Arm Your System

With our mobile app for your smartphone, it is now easier than ever to Arm and Disarm your security system. With push notifications straight to your mobile device, you will have no doubt that your home is secure.  

Smart Home Automation

Smart systems are just that Smart, and they never forget.  With a 24-7SECURITY.COM system, you will have the ability to control normal home functions including thermostats, locks, lights, garage doors, and much more. All these functions can be automated with just a few clicks of a mouse. 

Video Surveillance

Have you ever wondered what happens when you are not home or what your pets are up to?  How about if your package has arrived? With our integrated indoor/outdoor wireless cameras you can see what is happening 24-7.  With 24-7SECURITY's cloud service there is no costly up front fee for a recording device and better yet you can access your live video and playback video from anywhere.

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